This morning I was reading through our Good News Stories newsletter and I came across this item about a life saved at the Westmount Recreation Centre.

It was followed up by this letter.


The staff team did a phenomenal job!  Their teamwork was evident and their commitment to saving the lady’s life were exemplary.  To be commended are: Kyle Clementino, Allie Walton-Ball, Mark Zenchuk, Lindsey Holden, Kendra Young, Chase Snobele, Nicole Cicciaglione, and Joanne Kuruc.  There was also a firefighter that was in the building for his child’s swim lessons who came to aid the guards as well.  We think his name was Saunders.  The EMS and Fire personnel who came knew him.  Also thanks to staff who assisted with other aspects of the incident: Fil Pankov, Cheryl Hurst, and Joyce Rogers.  There were also two members of the public (Carol Squires and Cheryl Porter) who helped by holding the lady above water just before the guards took over.


I wanted to add my own thanks to the wonderful staff at Westmount who work hard everyday to provide a safe and fun facility for residents to enjoy.