On Tuesday night a telephone poll was conducted city wide most questions were related to the Transit Only Lane along King St West.

The results of the poll were released to the media late Wednesday afternoon.

We wanted to publish them as well so that everyone could see them.  These are the official results as they came to us from the polling company Prime Contact.  You can download the PDF here or read everything below.

And now the results.

PrimeContact conducted this poll to a random sample of Hamilton residents on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 between 6pm and 9pm, using an Interactive Touch Response Polling system.

The poll has a sample size of 2056 respondents who are residents of the City of Hamilton and have identified themselves over the age of 18.  The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.2% 19 times out of 20.  Certain questions have smaller sample sizes and thus a slightly higher MoE.  Unsure or Undecided has been factored out of the below tabulations.

Question 1 – How often would you say you take the bus in Hamilton?

  • Often – 17.0%
  • Occasionally – 17.5%
  • Not At All – 65.5%
  • Unsure undecided – 3.2%

Question 2 – Would you say you have had a good experience, or a bad experience with the bus lanes?

  • Good Experience – 44.0%
  • Bad Experience – 56.0%
  • Unsure Undecided 36.4%

Question 3 – Have you found the dedicated bus lanes useful, or do you find them not useful?

  • Useful – 39.1%
  • Not Useful – 60.9%
  • Unsure or Undecided – 24.0%

Question 4 – Are you in favour of the city keeping these bus lanes, or are you not in favour of keeping these bus lanes?

  • In Favour – 40.7%
  • Not in Favour – 59.3%
  • Unsure or Undecided – 17.29%

Question 5 – Are you in favour of suspending and removing the bus lanes to obtain further community engagement on this issue?  Or, are you in favour of keeping the bus lanes active while further community engagement takes place on this issue?

  • In favour of suspending or removing pending further community engagement – 49.1%
  • In favour of keeping the bus lanes active during further community engagement – 50.9%
  • Unsure or Undecided – 11.40%

Question 6 – Now thinking of the Hamilton Police Budget: The Hamilton Police Budget is $135 million dollars per year.  Do you think the city should have an annual independent audit of the police budget or do you think an audit would not be necessary?

  • Audit is Necessary – 82.1%
  • No Audit is Necessary – 17.9%
  • Unsure or Undecided 9.25%

We’ll answer a few FAQs below.

  • Q-  Were only land lines sampled or did you call mobiles as well?
  • A -The sample is generated from Canadian White Pages data as provided by our (Prime Contact) licences with the telcos. As cell phones are not listed, they are not called, however, we do not filter out known cell numbers.
  • Q – Did all people have the opportunity to answer all questions?
  • A – Yes, all respondents were presented with all questions in order.
  • Q – If a respondent hung up part way through were all answers still recorded?
  • A – Yes. Every question answered was recorded.
  • Q – Who commissioned the poll.
  • A – The poll was commissioned by Councillor Terry Whitehead and was conducted City Wide.
  • Q – Who paid for this poll?
  • A – Originally the poll was to be paid for out of the office budget, however a private citizen stepped forward and paid for this in full.