At Tuesday’s Budget meeting, a majority of Councillors passed the following recommendation (still needs to be approved at Council in late April) for a fare increase:

“That the General Manager of Public Works be authorized and directed to implement a transit fare increase effective upon the direction of Council and as described in Option 1 of Table 1 contained in the Financial Section of this report; such fare increase to include a $0.15 per trip increase in cash fares; a $0.10 per trip increase in ticket fares; a $6.00 per month increase in monthly passes or equivalent programs (average $0.10 per trip); a $40 increase ($0.10 average per trip) in the Senior Annual Bus Pass program; and an increase of $0.10 in the ticket fare for DARTS to $2.20;”

Seniors have told me through my regular neighbourhood meetings over the past couple of months that they cannot afford increases on user fees and their property taxes. After hearing the comments from the community, I DID NOT SUPPORT THE RECOMMENDATION ABOVE at Committee. Please let me know your thoughts on this topic through the blog entry’s comments section.

Are you in favour of fare increases? If so, which fares? If not, why not?