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Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The Healthy Kids Strategy focuses on: - helping parents learn what to do before pregnancy and during the early years for their children - helping parents and their children make healthy food choices - building healthy communities for kids to grow up in and get active

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The Healthy Kids Community Challange

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is part of a provincial initiative by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care aimed at improving the health of children 0-12 years of age and is specifically targeting childrens living in wards 6,7 & 8. The City of Hamilton has been fortunate to receive $1.2 million over the [...]

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3 Way Stop at Upper Paradise & Kittyhawk

I have moved this motion at the November 2nd, 2015 Public Works Committee meeting:   That staff be directed to install an all-way stop control at the intersection of Kittyhawk Drive and Upper Paradise Street. With the support from my council colleagues this 3 way stop can be installed at this location.

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