Implications of Lower City Traffic Changes that have Put Additional Pressures on Mountain Road Networks WHEREAS,

there has been an aggressive urbanist movement to reconfigure city road networks and reduce traffic lanes on arterial roads in the name of “safety”; WHEREAS, there is an aggressive movement to create a higher levels of congestion; WHEREAS, there is a request that has been submitted to reduce traffic on Aberdeen to two lanes, which would further restrict and negatively impact flow of traffic on Garth, Scenic, Fennel and West 5th; WHEREAS, the construction of LRT and the elimination of King Street as an arterial road, may drive more traffic onto the Red Hill Expressway, Lincoln Alexander Parkway, Mohawk Road, Stone Church Road, Garth Street and West 5th, etc., which further exacerbates the traffic loads in our neighbourhoods; WHEREAS, the Lincoln Alexander Parkway is already at capacity at peak hours already resulting in drive through traffic through our local neighbourhoods; and, WHEREAS, the Highway 403 does not have the capacity to absorb the traffic volumes on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway;


(a) That staff be directed to conduct a study on the implications of lower city traffic changes that have put additional pressures on mountain road networks that have or will result in the reduction of lane traffic, road reconfiguration or growth related such as Scenic Drive, Garth Street, West 5th and Fennel Avenue and report back to the Public Works Committee; and, (b) That staff be directed to provide recommendations in that report to address the increased traffic loads, including a feasibility study on reverse lane control with 2 lanes down-bound in the morning rush hour and 2 lanes up-bound in the evening rush hour on both the Queen Street Hill and West 5th and/or shutting one or both accesses down.