//Proposed Rental Housing Licensing By-Law

Proposed Rental Housing Licensing By-Law

The City of Hamilton is developing a Rental Housing Unit By-law that
would require all owners (landlords) of rental units ranging from six (6)
units of less in a building to be licensed. A draft By-law will be presented
and recommended to the Planning Committee. The purpose of this Bylaw
is to ensure the health and safety of residents; maintain safe housing
options within the City of Hamilton; protect property; and prevent public

Definition of a “rental housing unit” means a room or suite of rooms
used or intended to be used by one or more persons living together as
one household, in which cooking and sanitary facilities are provided
for the exclusive use of the household, and to which an independent
entrance is provided.
The draft By-law includes: provisions for submission requirements by a
landlord to apply for a licence; duties of the landlord; licence renewals;
recommended licensing fees; and transition matters related to the
effective date of By-law.

A copy of the report will be available online atwww.hamilton.ca/licensing
(under Things You Need To Know) or copies will be available to view at
City Hall (Clerks), 71 Main Street East 2nd Floor.

In order to:
• create consistency in rental standards across the entire
City of Hamilton;
• increase the health and safety of residents;
• establish the associated fee structure for licensing rental dwelling
units; and
• maintain a safe housing stock.

December 11, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. – this meeting date has been set aside
as an opportunity for public delegations to discuss the staff recommended
Rental Housing Unit Licensing Model and Draft By-law, which will be
used to formulate a new By-law to regulate Rental Housing Units within
the City.

From this meeting staff have prepared a draft By-law and recommended
model to be presented to the Committee and are seeking public input.
There will be a future meeting in early 2013 where the Planning Committee
and Council will be giving formal consideration to this Licensing By-law.
For this future 2013 meeting, there will not be an opportunity for the
public to speak or register as delegates.

Hamilton City Hall
Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
71 Main Street West, Hamilton

Anyone interested in making a presentation on the Draft Rental Housing
Unit By-law for the City of Hamilton is asked to pre-register as a delegation
by no later than 12:00 noon on December 10, 2012 by contacting:

Vanessa Robicheau
City Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y5
Phone: 905-546-2424 Ext. 2729
Email: Vanessa.Robicheau@hamilton.ca
Presentations are limited to 5 minutes.
Written submissions for inclusion in the meeting agenda are welcomed
and will be accepted by e-mail or mail at the above noted address, or by
fax (905) 546-2095, until 12:00 noon on December 10, 2012.

For comments or questions regarding the Draft By-law, contact:

Joe Xamin,
Email: joe.xamin@hamilton.ca
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 6656

Public Meeting of the Planning Committee
Request for Input

If you have any accessibility requirements in order to participate in this meeting, please contact
one of the people listed in this ad. Advanced requests are highly encouraged to enable us to
meet your needs adequately.

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About the Author:

Terry Whitehead is the City Councillor for the West Hamilton Mountain Ward 8. He has represented the residents of Ward 8 since 2003

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  1. Canby December 4, 2012 at 7:15 am

    Having recently experienced firsthand the trauma inflicted by a non performing tenant using the Landlord and Tenant Board as a twisted club, I’m ready to quit my tiny rental business in the Socialist Republic of Ontario. There are plenty of horror stories that trace back to our draconian laws that virtually wiped out the apartment building industry, at least as far as new units are concerned. To find that Hamilton is adding insult to injury by coming down on the very smallest of landlords (1-6 units!) increases my resolve never to mess with idiots (at all levels) again. Thank you for letting me know your intentions before I had completed anything in this city. ‘Whew, that was a close call’ is all I can say.

    BTW, I don’t believe the reasons you gave. I believe you just want to gouge more money and the little guy is an easy target.

    Thanks again for the heads up.

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