Monday June 11, 2018

Councillor Whitehead Asks for Internal review to be released
St. Joe’s Mental Health Hospital

HAMILTON, ON – St. Joe’s mental health hospital and its forensic program is a highly successful and necessary program not only in the city of Hamilton but in the province of Ontario. Our police services, I am proud of, and they provide a high quality of service and it is clear the tax payers are getting true value for their work. However, on Monday June 4th, 2018 a violent offender escaped St. Joe’s hospital putting the immediate neighbourhood and the community at risk. I am happy that there was a positive outcome in this circumstance, however we may not be so lucky should anything like this ever happen again.

I have requested that St. Joe’s release the internal review they conducted after this incident took place and I will be meeting with representatives from both St. Joes and the Police Chief to discuss the development of a protocol for notifying the community when safety issues arise of this nature. It is my hope that through this collaborative undertaking that lessons can be learned and changes can be made to ensure this community is not put at risk in the future. No matter how well we think we are doing, there is alw­­ays room for improvement. ­


For more information please contact:

City of Hamilton
Councillor Terry Whitehead
Phone: 905-317-6001

City of Hamilton
Kristin Prince
Phone: 905-973-3581