//Motion- Rental Housing licensing

Motion- Rental Housing licensing


WHEREAS, in 2010 City Council approved a proactive by-law enforcement program to assess the need to license renting housing in Hamilton; and


WHEREAS, staff reported, in report PED10049(m) that the enforcement pilot “continues to reveal deficiencies and sub-standard living conditions in many rental units, as well as an over intensification of rentals in certain neighbourhoods across the City and existing unsafe illegal units where construction may have occurred without the proper building permits and approvals from the City”; and


WHEREAS, the Planning Committee, on September 17, 2013 tabled a staff recommendation to enact a Rental Housing Licensing By-law, but approved the creation of a permanent proactive rental housing enforcement team along with a Rental Housing Sub-Committee to assist with the implementation of an approach to enforcement and legalization of appropriate rental housing including, but not limited to, process, fees, and by-law regulations;


WHEREAS, many other Ontario municipalities have addressed their rental housing challenges through some form of licensing by-law; and


WHEREAS, rental housing in Hamilton continues to be a serious problem in this Community which the current proactive enforcement team is not able to comprehensively address.




That staff be directed to investigate the feasibility of conducting a pilot program of licensing rental housing in Wards 1 and 8;  the results of which would be used to assist future decision-making related to a comprehensive City-Wide Rental Housing Licensing By-law.

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Terry Whitehead is the City Councillor for the West Hamilton Mountain Ward 8. He has represented the residents of Ward 8 since 2003

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