Once again, Joey Coleman insists on misinforming and bending the narrative of Council’s reactions to some of his reporting.  Joey reports on many areas of municipal government, one of which includes the attendance and lateness of Councillor’s to committee meetings. This is a public service that I have never taken any issue with.  Nevertheless, Joey Coleman claims that his recordings of my personal attendance or lateness are the cause of a recent twitter “tirade”, as he puts it. The reality is that Joey Coleman has made an assumption about my motivations for partaking in online dialogue and claimed that his assumption is truth. Let me take this opportunity to be very clear;  Joey’s assumption that I am “upset” about him recording me as late to two meetings is not true or accurate.

“he was upset I reported his late arrival times to two meetings”
– The Public Record
You can read the post here where Joey weighs in on my emotional state.

This is the kind of misleading and dishonest reporting I take issue with. This is not real reporting it is Joey’s opinion that he deems reality, along with a few of his followers. You cannot claim something to be true simply because you have media status. He has in the past, questioned the integrity of our city clerk’s staff and even recently approached my assistant and made inappropriate comments to her in regards to me.

As of late, I can’t help but ask the question of whether or not Joey harbours resentment or hurt in respect to the incident with Councillor. Ferguson and the Basse report. I can appreciate and understand if in fact there are any frustrations lingering in Joey’s mind. I wish that there was more that could have been done however we had legal obligations under the bylaw as defined by the community who wanted to ensure that Council had no way of interfering with the integrity commissioners findings.

Only Joey can confirm whether or not this is any motivation behind his recently muddled, bias led reporting. If this is in fact the case, then it’s time for Joey to move on and rise to the occasion and be the professional he has demonstrated himself to be in the past. I have known Joey for many years. I watched him develop a keen interest in politics when I worked in the Mayor’s office and he demonstrated many qualities over the years that I admire and respect yet, Joey continues to project himself as a victim and this needs to stop.

We have several journalists that attend city hall frequently, report on council, and have raised no concerns regarding the services that staff provide them or the environment they work in. The fact that Joey Coleman draws a focus away from the political and onto the personal  is unfortunate and distracts from very real issues at hand being dealt with by both Council and city staff on a daily basis.

When Joey first came in he was poignant and professional and fair in his reporting. Sadly,it seems his objective has shifted to one that includes bias, imbalance and is unfair in respect to all the Councillors he reports on.

For clarity, he is provided access to a media room and a locker to facilitate the storage of his equipment and is treated as media in his access to the Council Chambers. As I said before and I say now, Joey has acknowledged that what comes with reporting is responsibility.

Many people challenge me and my perspective on issues regularly. Whether it’s on Twitter, a call to my office or face to face I am keen on criticism as it often has the ability to broaden one’s perspective and make for a better overall understanding of any issue or topic. By now, I feel that anyone in tune with Municipal politics and has read an Andrew Dreschel article should know that I take criticism in stride. So to suggest that I would be even remotely “upset” or concerned about attendance or lateness reporting is in clear conflict with who I am inherently.

It is my hope, and I know that Joey has the capability as it has been demonstrated many times, to separate himself from the issues of the past and move forward constructively, providing the great public service we all know he is capable of.