Ted McMeekin Talks Hamilton Transit Funding

Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale MPP Ted McMeekin spoke to CHML’s Bill Kelly today about a range of topics, but the pair spoke about one topic more than any other.  Transit.  Specifically the future of Hamilton transit funding.

As Hamilton’s only government MPP, Minister McMeekin provides an interesting insight into the decision making going on at Queens Park right now about the future of transit in Hamilton.

Minister McMeekin spoke about our long term LRT goal as well as our recent additional ask to the province to cover our additional buses as well as a new estimate for a proposed bus storage and maintenance facility.

All in all the future looks bright for transit in Hamilton as we await the provincial budget and Metrolinx’s first round of funding announcements.

You can hear the entire conversation posted on soundcloud.  I’ve linked to it below.

CHML 900 Bill Kelly Interview