Further Reading

If you would like to read all of the original material we used to compile this microsite we’re including all of the links below.  Not all reports are available free and some must be purchased from the publisher, or requested directly from the author.

City of Hamilton and Metrolinx Reports

City of Hamilton – Rapid Ready (2013)

City of Hamilton – A-Line Economic Potential Impact Report (Steer Davies Gleave) (2012)

Metrolinx – Hamilton King-Main Benefits Case (2010)

City of Hamilton – IBI Report (2009)

City of Hamilton – Reports Submitted to Metrolinx

Metrolinx – The Big Move

Metrolinx – Costs of Road Congestion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: Impact and Cost Benefit Analysis of the Metrolinx Draft Regional Transportation Plan (December 2008)

McMaster Institute for Transportation & Logistics

Forty years of modelling rapid transit’s land value uplift in North America: moving beyond the tip of the iceberg. (2016)

Benchmarking, Planning, and Promoting Transit-Oriented Intensification in Rapid Transit Station Areas (March 2016)

Rethinking Light Rail Transit Planning In Hamilton, Ontario: A Comparative Review and Critical Assessment (2013)

The North American Light Rail Experience: Insights for Hamilton (April 2012)

American Governmental and Agency Reports

Portland Bureau of Transportation – Portland’s Private for-Hire Transportation Market: Summary Report of the PFHT Innovation Pilot Program (2015)

Federal Transit Administration – Contractor Performance Assessment Report (2007)

Federal Transportation Authority – Urban Rail Transit Projects: Forecast vs Actual Ridership and Costs (Pickrell Report) (1989)

Academic Studies

Christopher D. Higgins – A Value Planning Framework for Predicting and Recapturing the Value of Rapid Transit Infrastructure (2015) (Dissertation)

Jenny Schuetz – Price School of Public Policy – Do Rail Transit Stations Encourage Neighbourhood Retail Activity? (2014)

University of Utah – Effects of Light-Rail Transit on Traffic in a Travel Corridor

National Bureau of Economic ResearchSubways, Strikes, and Slowdowns: The Impacts of Public Transit of Traffic Congestion (2013)

Journal of the American Planning Association – Cost of a Ride (2011)

University of California, Berkeley – To T or Not to T: A Ballpark Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Urban Rail Transporation (2011)

Dr Kenneth Button – School of Public Policy George Mason University – Transit Forecasting Accuracy: Ridership Forecasts and Capital Cost Estimates (2009)

Jonathan E.D. Richmond – Harvard University – A Whole System Approach to Evaluating Urban Transit Investments (1999)

Jonathan E.D. Richmond – University of Sydney – The Mythical Conception of Transit in Los Angeles (1996)

Federal Transportation Authority (Pickrell) – Urban Rail Transit Projects: Forecast vs Actual Ridership and Costs. (1989)