Back in March I moved a motion asking City Staff to come back with a report on the feasibility of offering a compassionate grant to those affected by frozen water pipes where the freezing took place in the city road allowance.

That report came back to Public Works where it was amended to expand the program to cover 100% of costs up to $1000.

I received this email today describing how residents of Hamilton can apply to receive compensation for costs related to frozen water pipes where the freeze was found to be on the City side.

When applying online please send a copy of your application to our office as well so we can monitor and assist if needed.  Please cc a copy to:

I would like to take the opportunity to provide some basic information for the facilitation of the Compassionate Grant Program for Frozen Water Services, approved at Council June 10, 2015.

There is no application to be completed. Potential applicants for the grants should be advised to submit copies of their plumbing invoices for the thawing of their water service on the City side in any one of the following ways:

  • By scan and e-mail to or
  • By facsimile to 905-540-5744
  • By mail to City of Hamilton, Risk Management Services, City Hall, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4Y5
  • In person to Risk Management Services, 21 King Street West (2nd CIBC Tower), Suite 1101, Hamilton, ON

Risk Management Services, with the assistance of Bannatyne & Company General Insurance Adjusters, will be reviewing each submission to determine if the submission qualifies for a grant under the eligibility criteria, and, if so, the amount of the grant. In certain instances, applicants may be contacted to clarify something about their submission. If a submission does not qualify for a grant, correspondence will be sent to the applicant with a clear explanation of why the submission has not qualified for a grant.

You can read a copy of the full report or see the Public Works committee meeting in its entirety as well as a copy of the agenda down below.

Compassionate Grants for Homeowners Report


Download the PDF


Public Works Committee

June 1, 2015

See the full meeting