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How can I help you access City Hall?


Congratulatory messages and greetings from Councillor Terry Whitehead are available upon request for Ward 8 residents celebrating significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Certificates are available for the following milestones:

Birthdays: 75 and over in 5 year increments
Wedding Anniversaries: 40th and over in 5 year increments

Connect with Us

My office is here to help you in accessing your municipal services or to answer questions about how your municipal government works for you.

My staff include:

Colleen Wicken
Executive Assistant

Kristin Prince
Special Projects Coordinator

If you would like to be kept up to date with public meetings, road work and other special events in your community please add yourself to my official mailing list.

Contact Info

71 Main St West

Phone: (905)546-2712

Fax: (905)546-2535