Where Will Easter Bunny EGGlund Be This Long Weekend?

An update from Hamilton's "Easter Bunny" Chris Ecklund: Well our shelves are empty, over 200,000 chocolate eggs are now spread across the City waiting for the little ones this weekend. Some great new community groups have been formed with the hunts, a blue print for a better City, I am so proud of the people [...]

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Work in the Ward

Road Work Ahead Work will be ongoing in the Green Cedar area to remediate the flooding issues of the past. Once construction is complete in this area, construction will then begin in the Fessenden Neighbourhood to complete this very extensive project. Road work will once again continue along West 5th from Mohawk Road to the [...]

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We’ve Noticed…

We’ve noticed that the IP addresses of many voters on our web polls have been residents of neighbouring cities, like Toronto, Kitchener, St. Catharines and Kingston, to name a few. While it is wonderful to see that our neighbouring communities are so concerned about the well-being of Hamilton, it does skew our numbers and give [...]

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Mark Your Calendars!

Monday March 25, 2013 from 7 to 9 Meeting at Nash Auditorium at Chedoke with regard to the Redfern Development and the affected area along Rice, Chedmac and Sanatorium.  This will also detail redirection of HSR and expected traffic redirection. Thursday April 04, 2013 from 5 to 7 p.m. the Friends of Auchmar meeting will [...]

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Gourley Park Youth Baseball Registration

Gourley Park Youth Baseball Registration (ages 4-14) will be held at the Snack Shed off of Brigadoon Drive on North side of the Park on Sunday March 24th and Good Friday at our Easter Egg Hunt March 29th between Noon and 2PM.   All are welcome with no prior experience needed.  Play will be from June [...]

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Westmount Pool Closure: Tuesday March 19

The Westmount large pool will be closed on Tuesday March 19 for tile repair.  We anticipate re-opening on Wednesday March 20. Signs are posted at the Westmount Recreation Centre and the City website has an alert about the closure. The warm pool and all other programs will continue.

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Police Request 3.7%

By approving the 3.7% increase to the police budget, we are basically approving the police chief’s original plans for the 5.25% increase, supporting the addition 21 officers and 1 civilian. There have been no savings or reductions, simply the deferral of costs to next year’s budget. A more significant increase is coming and the City [...]

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Congratulations Randy!

Congratulations to Ward 8 recipient otf the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, Randy Chapple. It was with pride that I presented Mr. Chapple with the medal at the 31st Annual Gourley Park Winterfest Event this past Sunday, February 3rd. Randy is currently the President of the Gourley Park Neighbourhood Association and has an impressive history full [...]

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23 Filice Court Discussion

Title: 23 Filice Court Discussion Location: Westmount Recreation Centre - 35 Lynbrook Drive Description: Many residents, especially on Filice Court and Donnici Drive, have reached out to my office with some concerns about the residential care facility coming to 23 Filice Court. With myself, Director of Planning Paul Mallard, Scott Baldry from the Committee of [...]

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Plowing Through

I would like to apologize to my constituents for the inadequate snow removal service received during the Christmas holidays. Taxpayers expect that services will be provided that meet or exceed their expectations, or at the very least meet the service standards. After all, the City expects you to remove snow from your sidewalks within twenty-four [...]

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