My office has been swamped by calls from residents over the past few weeks in regards to the upcoming conversion in many areas from door to door delivery to the use of the new Canada Post super boxes.  Many people have expressed concerns about where the boxes will be located.

Canada Post has been telling people that they have been consulting neighbourhoods and municipalities about where these new super boxes should be.  However their idea of a consultation seems to take the shape of a letter telling people the selection has already been made.

My staff and I along with Councillor Scott Duvall and Councillor Tom Jackson have scheduled a community meeting for February 18th to discuss this process in greater detail.  We will have members of City staff on hand to answer your questions and concerns as well as explain what actions the city is taking to ensure this process is done fairly and that the locations of the Super Boxes are safe for residents to access.  Please see the events page for more details, and I look forward to seeing you there.