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Residents in Ward 8
Number 2
Number 3
3001, 2015

Canada Post Superboxes

My office has been swamped by calls from residents over the past few weeks in regards to the upcoming conversion in many areas from door to door delivery to the use of the new Canada […]

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2901, 2015

2014 Tax Payments By Ward

Yesterday on Twitter I made reference to the tax assessment growth gap between mountain wards and the downtown wards and how it has finally begun to narrowing in recent years.  A few people asked if […]

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2801, 2015

January 21, 2015 – Tobogganing

WHEREAS, tobogganing is considered a Canadian recreational activity;

WHEREAS, legal precedence has been established by the courts on tobogganing litigation;

WHEREAS, the City of Hamilton banned tobogganing on city property by by-law, and still remained liable, resulting in a […]

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